Vol. 4 No. 2 (2019): Jurnal Al-Dirayah

TAFSIR AYAT HIJAB: Analisis Metode Tafsir Rawaiul Bayan Muhammad Ali Ash Shabuni

Published 2022-11-17


  • Rawaiul Bayan,
  • Ali Ash Shabuni,
  • Hijab


This study discussed the method of tafsir Rawaiul Bayan by Muhammad Ali Ash Shabuni is related to hijab, especially in Surah Annur ayah 30-31. Ash Shabudi prioritised his overview that wearing of veil (cadar) is obligated. On the other hand, the referral literature  used is dissagred that woman’s face is ashame. This literature study  uses Rawaiul Bayan as fundamental literature.